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ParisTech Network

ParisTech graduate engineering schools are among the best in France. They work together to develop projects in education, research and innovation in the field of science and technology.

A network of excellence

ParisTech graduate engineering schools are complementary because of their specialties in education and research. They thus provide students, academic staff and all partners (institutions and companies) with an exceptional network allowing a unique transdisciplinarity:

Internationally, ParisTech is the privileged counterpart of many major universities in science and technology through cooperation agreements and targeted joint actions.


A network on a human scale 

ParisTech schools share four commun values:

  • The excellence of the French Grande École model
  • The international openness
  • The social openness
  • Innovation in education and research
  • Solidarity

They welcome small classes (average supervision rate of 5 staff for 1 student) allowing strong interaction between students and with the academic staff.


3 campus in Paris area

Campuses in Saclay, Marne-la-Vallée and in the heat and heart of the Latin Quarter are all great places where you can enjoy campus life as much as city life.

Several ParisTech schools have also campuses in different French regions focussing on different specialties.


A united and professional network 

ParisTech schools host many student associations that contribute to school life and students’ training.

Almost all schools have a foundation that supports their activities.

Finally, alumni are present in a lot of companies and administration in France and worldwide.