Laboratoire MSMP, Arts et Métiers,Aix-en-Provence

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Industrial Performance Manager (MPI)

Advantage of the programme

  • 80% professional speakers
  • Five visits to industrial sites
  • 1 week of training at the Factory School (on Lean fundamentals)
  • 2nd in the Eduniversal 2023 ranking of the best Masters, MS & MBA programs (for nearly 10 years)

Arts et Métiers is strongly involved in the Alliance Industrie of the Future, and the Advanced Master Program® Industrial Performance Manager provides training in the key points of process optimization, the basis knowledge foundation of Digital Transformation, to make companies more connected and therefore more agile.

To guarantee sustainable competitiveness, operational results (Safety, Quality, Deadlines, Costs, Mobilization, Environment) must be constantly improved.

This in turn has an impact on economic performance, and a high level of employee involvement in progress projects contributes to the development of employee fulfillment and increased skills (greater employability).

The Industrial Performance Manager is part of this context and is the key player in driving performance improvement projects across the entire Industrial Value Creation Chain, applying the principles and techniques of Lean Management and the innovative technologies of Industry 4.0.