Centrale nucléaire de Civaux

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Nuclear safety expert (SN)

Advantage of the programme

  • Lecturers mainly from the nuclear industry

  • Industrial partners who are driving forces behind the program

  • Very high employability on completion of the Specialized Master's program

  • 5th in the Eduniversal 2023 ranking of the best Masters, MS & MBA programs

This Advanced Master Program® is designed to meet the challenge of a safe nuclear industry, and enables students to acquire the key skills of a nuclear safety engineer.

In addition to technical skills, the Advanced Master Program® Nuclear Safety Expert enables the acquisition of a safety culture. Its aim is to develop an open, questioning and cautious attitude, with a view to improving nuclear safety performance. It is designed to develop a rigorous attitude, respect for rules, the ability to exchange ideas and arguments to validate the measures taken, a sense of responsibility towards the environment, transparency and objectivity.