master in chemistry

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Advantage of the programme

  • rich and modular

  • presents chemistry in a general and thorough way 

  • both transversal and open to all of its interfaces, notably with physics and biology 

Anchored in the most contemporary research in chemistry and committed to undertake the current challenges of our societies, it trains high level scientists who, at the end of their master's degree, can be part of a wide variety of professional backgrounds, from entering the job market to the preparation of a PhD. 

Master 1: generalist training

Master 2, tracks:

  • Analytical, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (CAPT)
  • Molecular Chemistry (MOL)
  • Chemistry of Materials (MAT)
  • Chemical Engineering (IC)

This master's degree also includes two specific 2-year programs:

  • Chemistry and Life Sciences (CSDV)
  • Chemistry and Innovation (C&I)