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Mechanics, Materials, Structures and Processes

Advantage of the programme

  • Responds to high industrial demand (robotics plan launched by the French government to assist SMEs wishing to invest in robotics), in particular as regards the development of embedded systems and robots, where ever-increasing adaptability and autonomy are required (aeronautical industry, transport, health, etc.)
  • Recognised in both the industrial sector and the academic world
  • Original, contemporary, multidisciplinary teaching and research focuses
  • Links with well-known, reputable laboratories of partner establishments (Sorbonne University, ENSTA Paris, Mines Paris – PSL)

This master’s course looks at the development of mechanical systems with built-in intelligence which allows them to operate autonomously and automatically in order to:

  • Improve production and reduce physically demanding or repetitive tasks
  • Simplify the life of humans and create better living conditions for disabled individuals in particular

The programme focuses specifically on mechatronics (the systemic and synergistic combination of mechanics, electronics and real-time computing) and covers the following topics:

  • Mechanics of (rigid) multi-body systems
  • Interlocks, sensors and actuators
  • Electronics and signal processing (image, location, filtering)
  • Engineering for health (biomechanics, surgical robotics)

The aim is to train specialists who are capable of solving problems relating to the design, analysis, optimisation and control of complex systems and intelligent machines, with robots being a particularly important example.

This course is designed to cover the wide-ranging research, development and production needs relating to these advanced mechatronic systems which are of paramount importance in all areas of activity (transport, manufacturing, robotics, domotics, health technologies, etc.)

Courses: Robotics & Advanced Systems (SAR)