Welcome session, November 2023, Paris



ATHENS Session March 2024 in Paris

Dear student,

You have been accepted to the ATHENS session in March 2024 at one of the Parisian schools of the ATHENS Network – congratulations! We are looking forward to welcome you in Paris.

On this website you’ll find lots of useful information about the ATHENS session. This page is constantly updated, so please check regularly for news.

See you soon in Paris!



Arrival date: we expect the international students on Saturday 16 March afternoon for the welcome session.

Starting time and place: Saturday 16 March 2024 at 2:00 p.m. at Mines Paris PSL (60 boulevard Saint-Michel – 75006 Paris – metro station (RER B): Luxembourg).

Termination date and time: Friday 22 March afternoon. No activity on Saturday 23 morning.


EDUROAM is the access service available in all ATHENS institutions. It gives you Internet connectivity whether you’re studying or working at another institution.

Don’t forget to connect your phone, tablet, or laptop BEFORE leaving your home university. Then, there’s no need to request special accounts or borrow other people’s IDs – just activate your device and you should be online.


The participation in the Welcome Session (16th of March, 14h) is mandatory for the students of our European partner universities.

  • 16th of November (only for students of our European partner institutions):
    • 14h00 to 14h45: registration at Mines Paris PSL
    • 14h45 to 17h00: Welcome session and cocktail
  • 17th of November: guided city tours (more information to come soon)
  • 18th to 22th of November (not mandatory): the students of the Parisian schools are about to put activities together. Stay tuned.

Please check the tab European Dimension Activities on this website for more information.

Don’t forget to bring your student ID with you.


You have the possibility to participate in a guided tour of the museum of Mineralogy of Mines Paris PSL. Please find more information below (EDA programme).

Concerning the social activities organized by our students, they will come back to you shortly with more information.

The participation in these activities is not mandatory, but you are strongly encouraged to attend. Our French students are as well invited to them, so that you can easily get in touch with your local peers.

Students coming from our ATHENS Partner Institutions are welcome for this 7-day ATHENS Session in Paris. Each student is expected to devote most of her/his time in Paris to the scientific course she/he has been accepted in, but also to the mandatory social and cultural activities organized within the programme.

The activities listed here are only open to the students from the non-French partner universities participating in the ATHENS session in Paris, not for the students of the Parisian schools.

SATURDAY 16 March 2024

14:00 – 14:30 – Registration

14:30 – 15:30 – Welcome Session

  • Presentation of ParisTech
  • Information session, ATHENS General Coordinator and ParisTech Student’s Associations

15:30 – 17:00 – Buffet

Mines Paris PSL
60 boulevard Saint-Michel
75006 Paris

How to get there: RER line B, Station Luxembourg or Bus line 38, Station Luxembourg

SUNDAY 17 March 2024

You have the choice between 3 different guided city tours. The participation in one of the tours is mandatory.

Please read the following instructions carefully before booking your spot.

You have to visit the following links and book your spot. Due to technical problems with the reservaiton platform you will need to choose as date 16/06/2024, even if the visit will took place on March 17th. .

The tour is hold in English and participation costs 10 € (the prize is updated automatically once you validated the 18/06/2023 and the time of the tour). Each tour is limited to 25 participants.

Date and time Meeting point Tour
17/03 – 11h00 indicated on the website Montmartre


17/03 – 14h00 indicated on the website Montmartre

Quartier Latin

If you don’t manage to book your place on the website even though you followed the instructions mentioned above (and only then), please follow these two steps:

1) Send 10€ by transfer, and indicate your name so that your payment can be identified easily.

2) Send an e-mail to jb.delsuc@myurbanexperience.com, indicate the time and the tour of the visit you’d like to book (and your name of course).

If you have difficulties with booking your place, please contact jb.delsuc@myurbanexperience.com

DURING THE WEEK: Visit of the Mineralogy Museum of Mines Paris - PSL

During the ATHENS session in November 2023, you have the possibility to visit the Mineralogy Museum of Mines Paris PSL for free.

You can find all information on the Museum on this website: https://www.musee.minesparis.psl.eu/Home/

On Tuesday, November 21, from 17h00 to 17h50, you can participate in a guided tour of the museum in English.

Register here.

At the entrance of the museum, please state that you are an ATHENS student for free entry.

Institution address Course number Appointment time on Monday Appointment place on Monday
Arts et Métiers

155 Boulevard de l’Hôpital 75013 PARIS



8:45 a.m. Welcome in Amphi BEZIER

60 Boulevard Saint-Michel 75006 PARIS





8:45 a.m. Registration and welcome: follow the indications at the entrance of MINES ParisTech.


The Parisian schools do not reserve housing. However, please find below a list of hotels that we recommend:

You are yourself responsible for contacting and booking the accommodation. There is no special price for ATHENS students.
You are free to book any hotel you like, or to choose any other type of accommodation. For financial reasons, you might want to team up with other students and book an accommodation together, for example via airbnb.

Please pay attention to book housing with flexible cancellation policy, as neither your home nor host university can grant you a refund in case of cancellation of courses, or switch to online courses.

Don’t forget to check where the Parisian institution you are going to is located! You can find the addresses here.

  • You can buy travel tickets in any Métro or/and RER station in an automated terminal (cash/credit card).
  • A ticket is valid for one ride only till you get out of the Métro/RER station and can’t be combined with Trams/Buses.
  • To prepare for your rides, refer to SNCF Transilien Route planner and / or download the Mobile application “Bonjour RATP” and search for “fastest” connection from “my location” even to “destination address”.

 Price list :

  • one way ticket costs 1,90 €. Same tickets can be used for buses/trams (same price ticket, one ride only)
  • weekly travel pass called “Navigo Découverte” can also be bought in certain Métro and/or RER stations (see information here). The price of the pass itself is 5 €. You can then pay a flat rate of 22,80 € for an unlimited number of rides. We suggest you to buy this ticket, as it is valid as well to go to ENPC for the welcome session on Saturday.
  • For sports people! Bike-sharing system (VELIB’) : Tickets can be bought at any of 1800 stations in the city. 5€ for 24-hours ticket or 15€ for 7-days ticket. First 30 min of each rent is free. Mobile application “Vélib” helps you locate bike stations and available number of bikes. For each ticket your credit card is charged €150, which is returned a few days after ticket expiration. Follow the instructions at the station carefully.

For more info, please refer to https://www.velib-metropole.fr/en/service

  • For issues related to Welcoming and EDA: athens@paristech.fr
  • For issues related to the course you will be attending (18 – 22/03): please contact the relevant  local ATHENS coordinator of the Parisian institution you are going to:
Institution ATHENS local contact
AgroParisTech Nathalie THEAULT nathalie.theault@agroparistech.fr
Arts & Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM) Delphine LUCHEZ delphine.luchez@ensam.eu
Chimie ParisTech - PSL Pascal BIGEY pascal.bigey@chimieparistech.psl.eu
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC) Emmanuel SIMANTOV emmanuel.simantov@enpc.fr
Mines Paris Matthieu MAZIERE international@minesparis.psl.eu 
Télécom Paris Sylvia ALVES DE SOUSA sylvia.alvesdesousa@telecom-paris.fr


In case something goes wrong, email to: athens@paristech.fr

But everything is going to be fine  

We wish you the nicest stay possible in Paris and hope you’ll come back soon!