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Environmental, energy and transport economics (EEET)

Advantage of the programme

  • Gain competences to design strategies towards energy and environmental challenges (climate change, over-exploitation of natural resources, water and air pollution…)
  • Be able to integrate these strategies in production, services, consulting
  • Gain new scientific competences integrating public and private research

Addressing environmental and energy challenges request a lot of competences and a holistic approach.

The aim of the master is to give the opportunity to mobilize different skills (economics, engineering, life sciences) and to use tools (economical analysis, modelling, institutional analysis, governance) to future top level researchers and experts so that they act in a sustainable perspective.

The master provides them understanding of global challenges and concepts and prepares them to address,these challenges in a relevant and creative way regarding economics, energy and environment.

Master 2, tracks

Sustainable food economics

Environmental economics

Energy Economics

Foresight modelling