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Agronomy and Agrifood sciences (STAAE)

Advantage of the programme

  • Understand the operation of systems in a multiscale approach

  • Make a diagnosis on issues, room for improvement, from the point of view of actors in the management of these systems and the stakeholders

  • Design and implement innovations – products, processing and organisational innovation 

  • Communication in different languages

  • Integration into the professional environment: team work, project management, professional networks

The Master Agronomy and Agrifood sciences (STAAE) offers a systemic approach to agriculture, food and the environment for scientists prepared to respond to the challenges of a radically changing world.

The master trains international students or high-level executives planning to work worldwide in the fields of agricultural production, resource management, agricultural and rural development in Europe or in third countries (emerging countries and developing countries).

AgroParisTech participates in two tracks in year 2:

Train students able to address in their country needs for regulation in the use of phytosanitary products. 

Understand and manage life systems as well as social systems alongside socio-economic and political issues and policies of the intertropical region.