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Life science, food engineering

The “Life Sciences and Engineering” field groups together educational programmes that should meet the major issues and challenges of the 21st century in a context of global changes (demographic developments, climate change, water shortages, depletion of natural fossil resources and loss of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, etc.).

This educational programme is being developed at a time when the entire international community recognises that these issues and challenges can no longer be considered independently of each other: any advance in one area should also be considered in light of the potential impacts in the other areas. Moreover, these issues and challenges must absolutely take into account the interactions and feedback loops between the different scale approaches, whether they are spatial (from the local to the global and conversely) or temporal (from short-term to long-term, including several generations) or even associated with different levels of organisation.

ParisTech has a unique area of expertise in all fields and disciplines that can be called on to deal with food, energy and environmental issues: life sciences, earth sciences, engineering and decision-making sciences.

The employment prospects for graduates of these educational programmes include both research and higher education professions, as well as business, services and those supporting public policies.

Advanced masters: