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Welcome to France

Studying in France means benefiting from an exceptional scientific and economic environment, opening up to an incomparable culture and history.

Why choose France?

 Excellence of the higher education system

  • 5th destination in the world for international students
  • Scholarships and support for international mobility
  • A network of international academic partners
  • Tuition fees lower than in most of the Western countries

Excellence in science and research

  • The country of mathematicians (Viète, Laplace, Cauchy, Poincaré, Louis Bachelier…)
  • Excellence in a lot of domains, e.g. chemistry, civil engineering, physics (Marie & Pierre Curie, Ampère, Laplace, Freyssinet, Coriolis, Fourier…)
  • 73 Nobel prizes and 13 Fields Medals
  • World famous research organizations (CNRS, INRAE, INSERM, CEA…)

An exceptional economical environment

  • R&D spending = 2.2% of GDP
  • International company leaders in their sector (materials, building, cosmetics, energy, transport…)
  • Paris area: a dynamic region (a lot of companies, high employability rate, numerous R&D centers)
  • A nation of entrepreneurs: 3.5 days to create a business in France

French language and culture

  • 5th most widely spoken language in the world
  • 321 million speakers
  • 4th most used language on the internet
  • The only language – with English – spoken on 5 continents
  • A country of culture and history (museums, monuments, arts…)
  • Promotion of values (freedom, equality, brotherhood, inclusion, cosmopolitism, critical thinking)

Its commitment in the ecological transition

  • COP 21 in Paris
  • « Make our Planet great again » programme
  • Excellent research in environmental sciences
  • Associations committed to fight against global warming and to preserve biodiversity

Ce qu’en disent les étudiants internationaux

  • 9 étudiants étrangers sur 10 recommandent la France comme destination d’études
  • 93 % estiment que leurs études en France ont un enrichissement personnel
  • 86 % pensent que leurs études en France ont valorisé leur cursus universitaire