Ordinateur portable, 21/6/2019

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Digital sciences and technologies lie at the heart of all of today’s major human, social and economic challenges. Integrated circuits are everywhere; as well as in computers and mobile phones, they are now used in a vast range of home appliances, equipment and leisure devices.

The connectivity of these devices to various telecoms networks and, ultimately, to the internet is rapidly becoming the norm, if indeed this is not already the case.

Information systems are now critical to the operations of businesses, institutions and large public infrastructures (transport, water, energy, etc.), which raises questions about security. Today more than ever before, managing hardware, software and network technologies is therefore a truly strategic issue.

Moreover, several digital technologies now represent major challenges in themselves, for example the processing of huge quantities of data, supercomputing and the technologies underpinning the Internet of Things. Human-machine interaction has also become an important topic of discussion.

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