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Engineering of Large Energy Structures (AM GCGOE)

Advantage of the programme

  • Scholarships provided by the partner companies (tuition fees partially or totally paid)

  • The close partnership with companies in the sector; company-based assignments guaranteed

  • Job openings in a sector with potential

  • Two benchmark civil engineering schools

  • Site visits and one-week study trip

  • Opportunities in a promising sector

  • Two leading schools of reference in civil engineering

  • A scientific and professional teaching team

  • The MS is part of the selection of the Best Student MS (selection of 150 MS out of more than 400 existing MS in France).

At a time when many engineers with skills in the construction of big energy infrastructures (nuclear power stations, power plants, dams, LNG tanks, wind turbines…) are going into retirement and when French industrial and corporate expertise holds out significant prospects for contracts both in France and abroad, it is essential to train high-level managers with a strong capacity for international adaptation in Construction, Project Management, Operations, and Monitoring.

To meet these market needs in partnership with industries in the energy sector, École des Ponts ParisTech and CentraleSupélec have joined forces to offer a specialist training program in the civil engineering of large energy structures.

The aim of this program is to prepare young civil engineers to manage design and construction projects for large energy production and storage structures: nuclear power stations, dams, offshore structures, wind farms.