Viaduc de Millau, 22/3/2019

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Civil Engineering and Ecodesign (AM GCE)

Advantage of the programme

  • An internationally renowned faculty of leading practitioners, which guarantees its constant relations with the players in the construction industry
  • A programme based on the reference system of technical standards drawn up at European level (Eurocodes)
  • Access to the dynamic network of alumni of the École des Ponts ParisTech

France is at the origin of significant historical innovations in civil engineering and has an impressive heritage of engineering structures. The major French projects carried out over the last 30 years perpetuate this international recognition. Our society is now facing new challenges that affect urban and territorial transformations in a context of environmental preservation.

To meet our society's environmental expectations, civil engineers need to be innovative and creative. Training the engineers of tomorrow is a priority. The MS® Civil Engineering and Ecodesign is resolutely positioned in favor of these new orientations. In addition to the in-depth study of the modeling and calculation of civil engineering structures for which it is renowned, it offers a range of teaching modules that meet the needs of ecodesign.

This 15-month course offers engineers, whether recent graduates or experienced, a multidisciplinary and in-depth training in the field of civil engineering in general, and advanced structural calculation in particular.