An environment with high innovative potential


One of ParisTech's great strengths is bringing together Grandes Écoles with different and complementary profiles. This diversity is reflected in the nature of research carried out there, but also in the partnerships formed with companies and the profiles of doctoral students educated there.  

A broad research potential

With 125 laboratories and more than 5,000 research staff, the ParisTech Grandes Écoles have enormous research potential.
The research activity of the ParisTech Grandes Écoles regularly wins awards, and covers 12 major fields:

  • Mathematics and its applications
  • Computer and communications science and technology
  • Physics and optics
  • Chemistry, physical chemistry, and chemical engineering
  • Materials science, mechanics, and fluids
  • Design and industrialisation
  • Life and health science and technology
  • Environmental science and technology, sustainable development, and geosciences
  • Energy and processes
  • Science and bioengineering for agriculture, food and the environment
  • Planning and transport
  • Economic, management and social sciences

Research studies conducted in its laboratories are materialised each year through more than 10,000 scientific publications available on the open archive HAL ParisTech.

A strong partnership research

The research activities in the laboratories range from the most basic scientific issues to the latest developments in applied research.
They are involved with companies, as much in co-operative research as in partnership research.

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