Sensors, Instrumentation and Measurements - CIMES

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Advantage of the programme :

- International access, including some courses given in English

- General education in various fields like environment, medicine, industry, or aeronautics and space

- Good knowledge of innovative methods in the wide field of sensors, starting with the initial design of the sensor and finishing with its production and integration in a complex system

- Large number of possible applications, in the industry as well as in academic research

This Master’s is co-organized with the Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC). It is a logical continuation of the M1 at UPMC. This Master’s is based on multidisciplinary education and allows for the acquisition of very good knowledge of innovative methods in various fields like environment, medicine or aeronautics and space industry. The objective is to give a wide and diversified education in the physics of sensors, data acquisition and signal processing, as well as statistics and data modelling, that will enable the student to control the whole measurement chain.
The Master’s emphasizes industrial and environmental applications, including miniaturization and virtualization technologies. Modern imaging methods and non-destructive testing in complex media are presented.
The Master’s ends with a 6-month training period in industry or in a research laboratory for students who wish to continue with a Doctoral programme.
Language of teaching: French 

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