Materials and Engineering Sciences in Paris (MAGIS)


Advantage of the programme :

- A programme offered entirely in English or in French

- The presence of internationally renowned lecturer-researchers

- Preferential contacts with the industrial world through numerous research projects carried out in partnership (universities/companies)

- A multi-disciplinary approach in high-level materials mechanics, including learning industry calculation codes which are highly sought after by manufacturers

MAGIS offers a top-level programme in the mechanics/materials/processes field. The programme aims for students to:

  • acquire high-level skills and advanced methods in material sciences, structure calculations, digital simulation and manufacturing processes in a mechanics approach to materials
  • combine these skills with a multi-disciplinary scientific thought process adapted to the industrial world that can be used to design and produce complex products as well as planning for their deterioration and recyclability

The Master’s programme lets students acquire skills in how to implement and manage research and development projects and be able to propose research orientations, establish specifications, complete applied research projects, review pilot studies and projects, design and test prototypes, products and new processes and coordinate and manage a research project overall.


Language of teaching: French or English



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