Clean and Renewable Energy - CARE


Advantage of the programme :

- Complete cultural immersion in China

- Education with a strong international focus

- A broad and comprehensive view of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy field

- Access to a wide range of jobs

- An innovative structure - the ICARE Institute including vocational training programmes

ICARE (except La Sapienza Roma), is designed to respond to the needs of these outstanding students by providing, in the first year, a general introduction to the clean and renewable energy sector, and, in the second year, an in-depth knowledge and expertise in specific technology areas to be chosed by the students according to their preferences.

Language of teaching: English

Academic track : Energy

The Reference Institute for EU-China Cooperation in the field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (ICARE)
ICARE, the Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy, is the institute of higher education and research in the field of the energy efficiency and renewable energy of Huazhong University of Sciences & Technologies (HUST) located in Wuhan, China.
The European project is led by CEP-MINES ParisTech (Center for Energy and Processes) and coordinated by MINES ParisTech. The consortium is composed of five European Universities, the International Office for Water, three Chinese Universities and two associated partners.


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