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Most schools have accommodations on their campus. You may find apartments with affordable rents (around 380 € /month) and possibility of accommodation allowance.

Average living costs in Paris are around 800 € /month.

ParisTech schools can provide assistance with visa procedure. When arriving in France, most of ParisTech schools offer intensive language training programs and mentoring by senior students & Alumni.

Active participation in student life in highly recommended in order to settle in as fast as possible.

The Association Amicale Franco-Chinoise de ParisTech (AFCP) welcomes each year the Chinese newcomers in ParisTech's graduate engineering schools (pick up at the airport, integration week, social events, Forum Horizon China etc.).

See the video presentation of the AFCP association


ParisTech supports French and international student mobility through:

  • The French government’s Eiffel Scholarship
  • Scholarships supported by ParisTech schools within the international mobility programs of the CDEFI, such as FITEC Brafitec, Arfitec, Mexfitec...)
  • Scholarships provided by the China Scholarship Council (9+9 program, double degree agreements, doctoral exchange ..)
  • Scholarships provided by the foundations of ParisTech schools
  • Erasmus + mobility scholarships


Did you know that?

Grant & scholarships

Top students can apply for a number of excellence scholarships from:

  • Government agencies

  • Companies aiming to worldwide

  • Associations and foundations supporting the French Grandes Écoles


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