Testimonial of Davide Colombo

Davide Colombo, doctoral student at MINES ParisTech (Centre of Materials) and at ESPCI ParisTech

I am an Italian citizen and a former student at Politecnico di Milano. I completed a double-degree in France at MINES ParisTech.

I was attracted by the idea of having the opportunity to develop engineering skills, while learning a new culture.

Most of my friends are French, which helped me to better include French culture, much more than simply through an ERASMUS experience. 

Today, I am studying as a doctoral student and I am preparing a thesis with ESPCI ParisTech and MINES ParisTech.

In my area of expertise, I have a lot of possibilities in France and I would really enjoy pursuing a career in this country, even if I am not against the idea of discover another culture!

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