Mathematics & applications

Master Mathématiques

Advantage of the programme :

- “M” for “Mathematics”: in this course, data processing and analysis is considered as a mathematical discipline in its own right, insofar as it is bringing about new ways of looking at (classical) mathematics
- “V” for “Vision”: students will learn about images, video and computer-generated images, plus sound and other alphanumeric data
- “A” for “Learning”: the programme will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the structure and geometry of all of the data interpretation and representation algorithms (both new and old) being used in emerging fields

The huge growth in the use of digital data in all areas of science, technology and society has made it necessary to train highly competent mathematical researchers who understand both how to acquire and process digital data, and how this data can be automatically interpreted.

The Mathematics, Vision & Machine Learning (MVA) M2 programme (second-year master’s course, open to students who have already completed an M1 in a relevant field) was created in 1996 and is the only one of its kind in France. In cooperation with several academic partners, each year it now trains almost 150 graduate students in research, development and innovation, equipping them for careers in public and private organisations or companies which use mathematics in the context of data, image and signal processing.

Courses: Mathematics, Vision & Machine Learning (MVA)

Language of teaching: French

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