No. 2 - Our excellent education

Good reason 2

The French higher education system is embedded in the European model and is organised in three programmes:  Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral.


In France the top qualifications in Engineering or Management are delivered by the Grandes Écoles.

These Grandes Écoles offer courses leading to the diplôme Grande École d’ingénieurs (MSc in engineering). 

Excellent education which attracts the best students

ParisTech brings together 10 of these engineering Grandes Écoles in the Ile-de-France region, which are acknowledged as the best in their fields, and are characterised by their high standard of education and the excellence of their teaching staff and laboratories. 

They offer a wide range of academic programmes: 

  • Diplôme d'Ingénieur (MSc in Engineering)

  • Diplôme Grande École in Management (MSc in Management)

  • ParisTech Master’s 

  • Doctoral programmes 


The Diplômes Grandes Écoles deliver high-quality education which is distinguished by: 

  • a competitive and selective environment on admission and throughout the course. 

  • innovative teaching methods which combine theory and practice 

  • strong scientific potential 

  • close partnerships with business and the world of research 

  • an international presence


ParisTech is also deeply committed to promoting the value of the doctoral programmes of its Grandes Écoles. High-quality research, international collaboration and technical innovation are at the heart of doctoral curricula.


Did you know that?

Grant & scholarships

Top students can apply for a number of excellence scholarships from:

  • Government agencies

  • Companies aiming to worldwilde

  • Associations and foundations supporting the French Grandes Écoles


The ParisTech Foundation

In order to attract the best candidates, to support technology innovations and to foresee skills we will need in the future, the ParisTech Foundation commits to tomorrow’s talents by offering grants to ParisTech students of the following Masters :
  • BioMedical Engineering (BME)
  • Clean and Renewable Energy (CARE)
  • Gestion et traitement des eaux, des sols et des déchets (GTESD)
  • Materials and Engineering Sciences in Paris (MAGIS)
The ParisTech Foundation offers grants to candidates meeting the following criteria:
  • Priority is given to international students
  • They must provide proof of insufficient financial resources
  • Their academic performance must be of an excellent standard

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