ParisTech Masters': what is it?


Master’s rooted in major societal issues

ParisTech runs first-class Masters courses tapping the full expertise that all ParisTech Grandes Écoles can pool. These courses are endorsed by French and international educational institutions and leading business firms (Renault, Electricité de France, Lafarge, etc.).

Courses invariably include theory, methods and application, and 4- to 6-month hands-on experience in a company or research lab and the ensuing dissertation. They provide top-level theoretical input and practical experience that opens doors to exciting careers in the world of business or research.
More than 1,000 students, including 40% who are international students, are taking ParisTech Master’s courses, harnessing the uncompromising scientific standards that will empower them to thrive in fiercely competitive international environments.

These multi-institutional master’s have a very good job placement rate for their graduates in buoyant areas and in management posts that correspond with the skills acquired.  While many of the ParisTech Master’s students continue with a doctorate, most of them easily enter large companies.


High-quality education for various professions
Combining theoretical and practical quality teaching, the Master’s generally opens up various career paths.
Whether they continue with a doctoral programme or enter directly into the workplace, the students have the necessary experience and methods to reach positions of responsibility.

A ParisTech policy firmly focused on the employment of graduates from its Grandes Écoles
In order to facilitate the career success of its students, ParisTech has chosen to conduct an active policy on the subject based, in particular, on its close relationships with companies and research laboratories:

  • The programmes of each master, teaching methods, internships in companies or in the laboratory encourage interactions with the world of business, research or even with entrepreneurship. In keeping with contemporary issues, the ParisTech Master’s especially reflect the needs of industry and global research.
  • The support provided by each Grande École in terms of developing career plans or preparing for job interviews familiarises students with the world of work.
  • Monitoring graduate employment implemented by each ParisTech Grande École is part of a policy of continuous assessment and progress.

Armed with these strengths, ParisTech students fit into French and international companies and laboratories in a very satisfactory manner.

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