Testimonial of Alexandr Galashov

Alexandr Galashov, Russian student in Ingénieur Polytechnicien programme

École Polytechnique, or l’X, is an exceptional place, unlike any other institution that I know of in the world. The first thing about l’X that strikes me is the quality and diversity of education. The curriculum is multidisciplinary in nature and comprises of various subjects from practically every scientific area, which trains us for the competitive modern world.

Another important element of École Polytechnique is interpersonal experience. The military traditions and spirit contribute to the formation of very solid lasting relationships between students.  

Furthermore, l’X has a very rich associative life. In our outstanding campus, we pass one half of our life studying and the other participating in students associations. Here we have the opportunity to meet many people who share similar interests. What's more, there are associations for almost every taste. At l’X we also undergo rigorous training in sports, and become competent enough to win laurels at sport competitions. Needless to say, this contributes undeniably towards the integration between students.

École Polytechnique has wide international outreach. There are about 30 different nationalities represented at l’X, which increases the richness of the cultural experience at this school – we get to make the friends from different parts of the world and it's very interesting to exchange culture values. For instance, I can now say « Hello » in 10 different languages, make Indian, Chinese and Cameroonian dishes and can explain how the Canadian political system works.

In addition to these humane aspects, it's important to underline the quality of research at l’X. We have world-famous laboratories, situated just a few steps away from student accommodation buildings, with a cutting-edge research center where you can even meet Nobel laureates.

All these aspects have helped me expand my ambitions and I feel more confident in facing the constantly changing world.

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