Meet our doctors


More than 600 young researchers defend their thesis each year at the ParisTech Grandes Écoles in numerous science, technology, and management fields.  

Since 2011, ParisTech has been co-ordinating a survey on the employability of young researchers who have defended their thesis in the laboratories of its Grandes Écoles during the past year.  This survey has been performed since 2013 as part of collaboration between the major higher education institutions in Ile-de-France.

Who are our doctors in 2012?

  • 65% are men and 40% are foreign nationals
  • 45% have an engineering degree and 30% have a foreign degree
  • 50% have conducted their research in engineering sciences and 30% in maths and natural sciences
  • Under what circumstances did they conduct their doctoral research?
  • 98% of our 2012 doctors received funding for the duration of their doctoral programme
  • They more commonly conducted their doctoral research in a company than doctoral students from the Ile-de-France (20% as opposed to 12% regionally)

What is their employment situation one year after their defence?

  • 50% of our 2012 doctors defended their thesis during the 4th trimester and 70% during the second semester
  • 85% were employed in spring 2013, less than a year after their defence, and 80% of them had found their jobs in less than 2 months.

What areas do they work in?

  • Our 2012 doctors have mainly continued with research activity, more than 80%
  • They are mainly employed in the public sector, 60%; more than half of our 2012 doctors working in the public sector state that they are on a "post-doctorate contract"  
  • The 2012 doctors from the ParisTech Grandes Écoles are however more commonly working in a company than doctors from the Ile-de-France (35% as opposed to 28%) and also more commonly in a large company (45% as opposed to 40%).  
  • 70% of these doctors working in the private sector are on a permanent contract

Are they satisfied with their situation?

  • The 2012 doctors are overwhelmingly satisfied with their job situation (85%) and state by more than 80% that this status corresponds with their career plans.

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